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First Eleven Sports Agency has been estalished in 2018 by Mr. Anastasios Pifeas | FIFA Agent licensed by the Hellenic Football Federation registry N: 2018-0029 First Eleven is a strong team specializing in the representation and promotion of Athletes in Greek and International markets. We provide our clients with the best possible support in legal financial, and every other relevant aspect that is required for their personal and professional development. Our mentality with hard work in focus aiming to provide an Athlete-driven approach in services which is oriented to the creation of the ideal conditions around the life of a professional athlete.
First Eleven’s experienced FIFA registered intermediaries, are able to deliver the best possible representation to their clients. Each partner has the skills and knowledge to offer the best network of clubs, Chief Executives and major sport brands.
At First Eleven, every athlete has a unique vision for his future. Our team is composed of experienced professionals to help athletes achieve the highest possible returns, both inside and outside of the field. The unique combination of experience, creativity and hard work allows us to offer unrivaled maximization of performance.
Βuilding a strong profile requires hard work between the lines. We put equal effort in order to create and support such a profile through technical analysis
Our qualified associates dealing with sports and business issues are ready to consult our athletes in the following several areas.
We believe that today’s athletes live in the glare of the media more than ever before. For that reason, we have designed aprofessional, comprehensive and strategic media management service aimed to build and protect the reputation of the athletes and maximize their image potential, leaving the athletes themselves to focus on excelling at their sport.
First Eleven’s various contacts and network with top sport brands can ensure prosperous sponsorship deals for its clients. Our clients’ best interest is our priority.
Our team consists of professionals who support our athletes. Their knowledge combined with many years of relevant experience, enables our partners to predict their needs and work on them before problems occur. The quality of our services and the communication between the team and the athletes are constantly giving constructive feedback which leads to measurable and safe outcomes. The athlete is always in the center of our interest.
H άμυνα κερδίζει το ντέρμπι..ηγετική μορφή ο Βούρος. H άμυνα κερδίζει το ντέρμπι,οπὀτε και τους τίτλους.Αυτό έγινε στο Τσίρειο σήμερα όπου η ομάδα μας διαφύλαξε το μηδέν παθητικό έχοντας ηγετική μορφή στην άμυνα τον Βούρο.Ο Έλληνας αμυντικός δεν έχασε ούτε…
Ο Γιάννης Σίμωσης (Αρχηγός Φωστήρα)μιλά για όλα.. Ο Γιάννης Σίμωσης (Αρχηγός Φωστήρα)μιλά για όλα.. http://www.abola.gr/on-camera/item/22931-o-giannis-simosis-arxigos-fostira-mila-gia-ola-sto-abola-gr
Στον Α.Ο. Χαλκίς ο Γιάννης Παναγιωτόπουλος! Στον Α.Ο. Χαλκίς ο Γιάννης Παναγιωτόπουλος!


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